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Features and benefits

AutoCost optimizes your quote estimate workflow with an item library that uses market-related costs, specific to your location or zip code. AutoCost provides pricing for materials in US regions only.

Save time during the estimation process

25,000+ construction materials, with pricing, readily available whenever you need to draft a proposal, so you no longer have to source individual costs for items or assemblies.

Update pricing at the tap of a button

AutoCost items added to 
a CostCertified estimate will receive a notice when prices change, and can be updated immediately with the tap of 
a button.

Locally priced, specific to your zip code

Items have local pricing that can be drilled down to a particular regional county and for all 
3,033 counties across the 
United States.

 Prices are also market-related, sourced directly from 1,000+ suppliers, and maintained by 
a network of 300+ estimators.