Better Construction Proposal Software - Digital, Interactive Proposals That Will Wow Your Customer

2 min readNovember 9, 2020

Most construction proposals (estimates) are not very nice. Yes, I'm being blunt but I'm sure you'd agree. And if they are nice, it is taking way too long to get them to that point. So almost every construction company or contractor has a dilemma... how do you create beautiful proposals that your customers love without killing yourself while doing it?CostCertified is the only construction platform (that we know of) that allows a contractor to build and send interactive, digital, beautiful proposals. You can even include upgrades right within the proposal so that your customer can make their selections right within the estimate and book it.CostCertified has a quoting engine that seamlessly integrates with the proposal so you can click "Preview" as your building your quote to see exactly what it will look like to your customer. There's no question that once you get CostCertified setup properly your customers will enjoy a way better experience as you send out proposals which will result in more booked business for you!The best part is that CostCertified is designed in such a way to allow you to send accurate estimates in minutes. You don't need to fiddle around for hours on an excel spreadsheet and then convert it into a PDF and make sure it looks nice. Everything is done right within the quoting engine and it's already integrated with the proposal.Although this is a long video it is worth watching just so you get a clear idea of how the software works: is this software good for?- Any residential construction company looking for a better way to build and send estimates - Any contractor struggling with streamlining estimates, re-estimates and change orders- Any commercial construction company wanting a better way to build & send estimates- Any construction retailer that wants a visual way to include all their items right within a quote (including upgrades)