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Some people say that companies in the construction and remodeling world have been reluctant to embrace modern technology.

In some ways, which might be true. Even the best trades sub-contractors still might not have a website, and many don’t have a social media presence. It’s the same thing in many of their offices, with old, outdated software and lots of manual processes still in use.

The question is, how much of that is an unwillingness to embrace change, and how much is because there just haven’t been the right solutions until now? Whether it’s remodeling estimate software or construction-specific accounting tools, why haven’t they been in your back office until now? 

The construction tech revolution is about to show us.

Round Pegs and Square Holes

Perhaps one of the biggest hurdles to tech adoption in the construction world is that until very recently, most of the tools and platforms out there have been made for large corporate contractors and construction professionals.

Not only are these enterprise-level tools costly and hard to master, but they also have lots of features smaller contractors and construction companies don’t need or want.

So instead of a solution that works “out of the box,” companies that have tried to use these tools have either had to pay for things they don’t use, but they also typically have to customize the software or find workarounds that work for their company.

When you’re just looking for remodeling estimate software or even bathroom estimating software that gets quotes out the door faster and brings in more orders, you don’t want to spend months reinventing the wheel.

Corporate and enterprise construction software solutions have always been a round peg that just didn’t fit for smaller companies, and that’s why so many are still estimating on spreadsheets or using ancient software that they’ve been running since monitors took up half the desk and the sounds of dial-up modems filled the air.

A New Era in Construction Tech

If you’ve seen your own company and the love-hate relationship that’s so common between construction companies and technology so far, you’re not alone.

In fact, well-known market research company McKinsey published a whole report on it.

But they also noted that things are changing – and quickly.

More and more new construction tech companies are recognizing the needs of smaller companies and trade contractors, who are looking for remodeling estimate software, bathroom estimating software, take-off tools and similar products.

We’re building tools that don’tattempt to tell these companies what they want and need but are built to solve real-world problems and offer practical, easy-to-use solutions to industry-wide challenges.

As more options arrive on the market, everyone (including McKinsey) expects to see a marked change in technology uptake in the construction sector.

How Does Remodeling Estimate Software Change the Game?

Everyone who has experience in the construction world knows that there are certain bottlenecks in the process that slow progress, limit capacity and capabilities, and decrease potential profits.

Some of these are unavoidable, like supply chain disruptions or adverse weather.

But there are several areas of the construction process that can be streamlined, sped up, and improved. Estimating and the pre-sales process are one of those areas.

Instead of relying on someone with a notepad and paper to scribble dimensions on site and hoping for the best, today’s remodelers and trade contractors are using digital measuring tools and tablets to capture information accurately.

Estimators using remodeling estimate software, roofing software, or bathroom estimating software can create detailed assemblies for their most commonly used specifications, so instead of hours in front of Excel, generating quotes takes minutes.

Modern remodeling estimating tools also allow estimators to create almost unlimited options simply by selecting the materials they want to offer. This means that increasingly choosy clients don’t have to wait for another quote – they’ve got all the information at their fingertips.

There are even technology upgrades that pull prices directly from suppliers rather than relying on dog-eared price lists in a binder and hoping for the best.

Remodeling estimate software – and many other industry-focused estimating and sales tools – not only help your team to get more quotes out faster, they also improve accuracy, create a great first impression, and increase the orders in your project pipeline.

Where to Next?

In the tech world, many software designers and platform creators are constantly looking for easy and innovative ways to integrate their products with other tools that are used in the industry.

So, for instance, your remodeling estimate software might already be able to plug directly into your accounting solution.

But there are many exciting technologies and tools that are just around the corner, from AI to machine learning and GPS technology to virtual reality.

No one is entirely sure where construction tech will go in future, but CostCertified is proud to be at the forefront, delivering remodeling estimate software solutions that offer a square-peg solution for companies that might have been excluded from the tech boom so far.

If you’re ready to find out how you can transform your estimating and sales process, we’d love to talk. Contact the CostCertified team to find out more and to book your free demo.

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