How Online, Interactive Construction Quotes & Estimates Can Increase Your Profit

2 min readNovember 13, 2019

Until now, every construction software available only lets you send static proposals. Don't get me wrong, some of them can be very nice looking and digital but they are still static. What I mean is that they don't allow the consumer to "play around" with the quote and see the price adjust in real-time. After all, in order for this to happen all your costs would need to be stored in a dynamic database that could change with dimensions. What your customer really wants (even if they don't outright tell you) is the ability to clearly understand their quote and in the privacy of their home interact with it. They want to be able to upgrade, add optional items, or downgrade and see the EXACT price. They do not want to contact their contractor every time they want to make a change. Basically, they want an "Amazon" type buying experience from you where everything is crystal clear and they trust the quote. Imagine for a moment you are a kitchen renovation company and you are on the first page of Google in your city so you send quite a few estimates/quotes every month. Instead of sending an expert to build the quote, you can send anybody good at sales... that person only needs to measure and can build a custom, accurate quote in minutes! Then imagine the quote that is sent to the customer is online and interactive, providing your customer with upgrades (just like Amazon does when it says "others also upgraded to this") for the countertops, floor, cabinets, faucet, etc. What would it mean for your business if your customer in their own time adjusted their quote on the fly and booked it without ever needing to talk to you? And what if every change the customer made was recorded on the backend and all your line items with costs & markups are accounted for? In the end, what if you could build and send accurate quotes in minutes that your customer can interact with in real-time and you know your EXACT profit per job? Sounds like a fictional world? Well, until now none of this was even possible. But, with CostCertified, we've reinvented how construction services are bought and sold. For the first time ever, you can send quotes/estimates/proposals that are interactive with all your costs baked in. Your customers will LOVE them and our current metrics show that you can increase your overall profit by as high as 7% just from the amount of upgrades. There's construction software companies that charge an enormous amount of money each month and offer far less. With CostCertified you get unlimited leads, unlimited quotes, unlimited projects... basically it's a "business in a box" for contractors for free.Give it a try today.

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