How to Get a Fair Home Remodeling Estimate

4 min readDecember 13, 2021

Remodeling your home is a labor of love that can pay off if you go about it correctly. Diligently handling a home remodel can improve your quality of life and help you love your living space. Understanding the details is important so that you can get the best bang for your buck. How can you get the best and most accurate home remodeling cost estimate? We've got the answers you're looking for. Keep reading to learn the best ways to find a home remodeling estimate that works for you.

Recognize That the Consumer Has All of the Power Right Now

First, understand that the power to find the best price is in your hands. Several contractors are stuck in the past. They don't recognize that technology and information have shifted the balance of power to the customer. We're on track for today's society to have 50 billion smart devices collecting and using analytics. As such, you'll be able to get the best home remodeling price available. Rather than jumping on the first price that you get, dig your heels in and be ready to exercise and explore every option before moving forward. Cloud-based software lets you find contractors and subcontractors that are equipped to help you.

Understand Exactly What Kind of Home Remodeling Work You Need and Why

Assess your home remodel to know what you'd like to get, and why. This will help you choose improvements that make your property more functional, aesthetically pleasing, and valuable. A new deck could give you an 85% return on investment (ROI), while new siding could fetch 83%, a bathroom remodel can return close to 80%, and a new kitchen might return upward of 83%. It's easier to understand your reason for remodeling so that you can make sound decisions. Perhaps you'd just like to improve your living space, or maybe you're looking to refinance. This will help you figure out which metrics are ideal. For instance, you might use your "why" while tracking costs, sending digital proposals, and putting together the most accurate project quote. On average, a home remodel costs people about $47,000 depending on the location and level of work involved.

Learn About CostCertified and How It Can Help Your Home Remodeling Project

To become more detail-oriented about your project, you'll need to give CostCertified a try. CostCertified is the best contractor estimating software on the market when you're planning any type of home remodel. This software helps both contractors and consumers to end up on the same page with the highest measure of accuracy and efficiency. You can use this cloud-based software to create real-time digital estimates that are detailed and precise. CostCertified lets you sign off on every part of the estimate in real-time, while also bridging the gap toward finding the right contractors for the job. Using this platform will let you invite contractors to take on your project, facilitate payments and escrow, and let you modify any part of the remodel on the fly and as needed. 

Insist on Transparency Every Step of the Way

When you need a quality home remodeling quote, transparency is the name of the game. Since technology like CostCertified exists, there's no reason for you to insist on anything but the utmost transparency when working with contractors. Only do business with trusted contractors that are on-board with being transparent and thorough. This prevents setbacks, helps give you a timely, high-quality finished product, and cuts down on lawsuits and miscommunications. CostCertified does away with old-fashioned, static ways of doing business. It presents everything in a graphically intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard. 

Get Estimates From Several Different Home Remodeling Contractors

Too many customers simply get one estimate and then move forward with their home remodel. The construction contractor industry is one of the largest in the United States, bringing in $2 trillion in revenue. As such, there's no reason that you shouldn't explore every possible option. CostCertified has a home remodel estimator that you can put to use when you're trying to get the best from your project. It even lets you customize the templates that you use to put out bids for your project. This level of customization helps you quarterback your remodeling project. You can hire multiple contractors to handle tasks while keeping a thorough digital archive. You can hire one team of contractors to upgrade your master bathroom and kitchen, while others can improve your landscaping. You might appoint another team of contractors to refinish your basement or replace roofing and siding. With CostCertified, you will have access to tools that help you put it all together. Above all, embracing technology is an act of valuing your time. You will be able to put your home remodel on a strict schedule that you can check at each juncture of the agreed-upon timetable. 

Seek the Best Home Remodeling Estimate That You Can Find

The tips above will help you out whenever you're seeking a home remodeling estimate on your next project. Once you realize that the power is in the hands of the consumer, it's easier to get accurate, cost-effective price quotes. At CostCertified, we help both consumers and contractors meet in the middle to get on the same page and win. We'll show you why this cutting-edge software platform is revolutionizing residential construction projects.Get in touch with us online to book a free demo of our software and services so that the ball is in your court with your next home remodel.

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